As the founding Principal of GLO Architecture, Kevin Nivinskus began his career in 1994.  Developing his skills through the years with a variety of projects including designs for the Salk Institute, a monastery in Italy, shipping container housing solutions, modular Affordable Housing, UCSD student housing, public schools, charter schools, housing for the formerly homeless and many others.  In 2017 Kevin started the firm, GLO Architecture.

GLO Architecture is a mission-driven, creative architecture firm based in San Diego, California.  We specialize in affordable housing solutions as well as mission-driven industries such as senior housing and education.

The award-winning firm has a portfolio which includes affordable housing for seniors, formerly homeless, veterans and families.  Additional projects include academic, residential, commercial as well as mixed-use buildings.  GLO Architecture works spans the state of California notably in San Jose, Los Angeles and of course our hometown San Diego.

GLO Architecture is dedicated to a collaborative, and creative design process. Participating in community design reviews, design workshops and one-on-one client design charettes.

A signature of GLO Architecture is to provide personable, creative, collaborative and efficient designs. Kevin personally leads each project for its full duration, assisted by a team of collaborative and talented architects. This ensures that trust, relationships, design integrity, and coordination are maintained throughout the journey of the project. The firm is noted for creative solutions within limited budgets and designs that are sensitive to specific sites and program criteria.

Notable clients include Affirmed Housing Group, Community Housing Works, Bridge Housing, Eden Housing, San Diego Community Housing Corporation, Christian Church Homes, Innovative Housing Opportunities, and many others.

Recent work includes the Santa Clara’s Kifer Senior Housing project, Wildomar Ranch, The Refuge in North Park, The Howard and many others.  We look forward to serving you!

"GLO Architecture has a proven capacity to deliver excellent designs and construction documentation on large projects. They operate at a very high level of professionalism. Entitlements, approvals, constructibility were all facilitated with great skill and professionalism."
Affirmed Housing Group